Creative vs Competitive Mind

From Science of Getting Rich — Wallace D. Wattles

Declan Scott
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There are two ways to go about business; competitive and creative. Good business practice seeks to create win-win scenarios. We will discuss why the creative mindset is much more productive for humanity than the competitive.

Competitive Mind

The competitive mind was one that dominated the thinking of the industrial age. With monopolists like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan, Ford skyrocketing USA to be the world leader, the competitive mind led to major success for a handful of businesses. It needs to be acknowledged that these methods have led to incredible development of humanity where it is today. They created the means of capitalism that we all benefit the rewards from.

The competitive mind is a lower vibration. When you think about competing it is a limiting mindset because you are usually focusing on someone or something else and trying to edge ahead. Eventually you will become exhausted in this approach.

When in this mindset, the focus can be on the ‘getting out of something’ and therefore creating a lack mindset.

If you believe you have a competitive mindset, stop immediately and do the following.

  1. Close your eyes and notice the thoughts you have
  2. Step back and observe what you want and the reason why
  3. Clear your mind and observe your senses
  4. Focus on what you want, what you really want.
  5. Turn that thought into reality by feeling the emotions you will when you get what you are thinking about

This is not to say you should never be competitive in your offering but always ensure the use value is greater than whatever is exchanged for the product/service.

Use value is greater than the exchanged value

Remember, the competitive mind is a zero sum game. It is similar to Simon Sinek’s idea of a finite/infinite game.

Creative Mind

The creative mind is one that knows what it wants. It does not focus others. This mindset is required more and more in the present time where things are becoming decentralised and away from the industrial age.

The creative mind is in harmony with nature. Nature knows that inside a seed, the tree that will be made. When your creative mind has faith of the thought and vision will come to fruition, you will be in harmony with natural forces. Remember how this earth was formed, it was created, not competitively won.

The creative mind has gratitude. Knowing that all things in life are done for your benefit, having gratitude puts you into a higher frequency.

Note: listening to classical music is another fantastic way to put your mind into a higher frequency

Creative forces use the existing channels of trade and commerce for your idea to come to fruition. This means that $1,000,000 won’t be produced out of thin air, whatever your desire is, it will require action on your part. Your vision, faith, purpose and gratitude will bring your desire toward you and your action will move you toward your desire.



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