Compounding 1%

Declan Scott
1 min readFeb 8, 2021

Some days I wake up unhappy because I watched too much friends last night and not waking up early enough.

Chandler waking up in Friends

This is me expecting perfection taking my first step. When I look back over recent history I can see how I have developed. I might not be where I could be — but I am certainly moving in that direction.

I find lots of encouragement in this post from @visualizevalue. It isn’t about being perfect the first time but continuing to compound experience and daily routines toward a destination.

Looking back I can see how I have grown. Whether it is the learnings of a failed business idea or podcast that didn’t bloom how I thought it might, I continue to move onwards being the best I can be everyday.

I am learning that although I still don’t give excuses to laziness or procrastination I have, I don’t punish myself mentally for it because in the end it doesn’t get me anywhere. It makes me do it out of anger or I complete it in a state of annoyance which is not sustainable. Learning to be grateful.

Grateful but never satisfied.



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