Be the Racehorse and the Jockey

Getting lost in the noise

Declan Scott
2 min readFeb 9, 2021

Putting the blinkers on

Horse with Blinkers

Notice how much noise there is in the world? That hasn’t changed. It has gone from people yelling at us to buy the newspaper to getting hooked on social media. And they’re getting better at learning how to. They understand the human psychology better than we will ever be able to. So what do we do?

There is a continued fight of power and control. From aliens to politics, the government and big corporations have continued to create noise to distract, to grab your attention.

Be the Jockey

The racehorse can’t race without the jockey. Not only does the horse (body) need to be in the best condition through training and habits but the jockey (mind) needs to be in control. When the body is in control, we are being controlled by programming, our subconscious. These programs have usually been developed in us as a child and where our personality is developed.

Most of the time our body controls our mind. We act from emotion and it changes how we think. We habitually open social media on our phone without thought. 95% of what we do is out of habit — programming — and that needs to change.

When our mind is controlling our body — master is controlling the slave — we are functioning correctly. This is what the noise is trying to be — government, social media, mainstream media — are all fighting to program our subconscious, our programs. When a horse does not feel like the jockey is in control it does what it wants and is unpredictable.

Have you ever found yourself with an opinion that you can’t really trace the origin of why you came to that conclusion? When we start to think for ourselves, research, educate and weigh different perspectives we are becoming independent.

Put on the blinkers and stay in your lane. Tune out of the noise and focus on what is going on with you. Learn and reflect. Don’t consume.



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